Wade Phillips, Senior Pastor Madisonville Christian Fellowship Madisonville, TX

We have had the “No Other Way Quartet” sing at our church on two separate occasions. Both times God has used them to speak to our people. Their brilliant vocals and spirit-led performances touched us deeply. They and their family’s are a pleasure to be around and I would recommend them highly. We will surely be bringing them back to Madisonville Christian Fellowship for a Sunday morning service in the future.

Gary Wood, Pastor of Worship/Choral North Side Baptist Weatherford, TX

We recently had our annual Naomi’s Feast, hosted by our deacons, at North Side and invited the NO OTHER WAY QUARTET to entertain and encourage our folks. There were approximately 125 (or more) widows & widowers in attendance. The response was wonderful. They really enjoyed the song selection, energy level, the interaction and the sound. I had so many positive comments from our people. More than a few want them to come back, and soon. These men were very professional and really presented the gospel in a powerful and personable way. We’ll have them again!!

Mark Hill First Baptist Church Garland, TX

We were very blessed to host the “No Other Way” quartet at FBC Garland. Our people loved the variety of songs, the tight harmony and the energy & passion in which they sang to our Lord. It was very evident that they enjoy singing together and they led us in worship and Christ was honored. We look forward to hosting them again in the future! He Keeps me Singing!

Bob Berg, Minister of Music & Worship Trinity Baptist Church Boyd, TX

We just wanted to thank your quartet again for richly blessing us last Sunday. No Other Way, through the testimony in song and in word, truly ministered to our congregation. From a musical standpoint, I was impressed from the very beginning at how you did not push your voices, but rather confidently allowed them to blend harmoniously together. From a communication standpoint, the animation within the four of you and the interaction with our congregation drew our folks in. And from a ministry standpoint, the message of the Gospel and the scriptural truths that were shared rang true in our hearts. Thank you for glorifying our Lord in our midst…it was truly a worship experience! Let’s plan to do this again next year! In Christ,

Wayne Spoonts, Minister of Music and Education Mildred Baptist Church Corsicana, TX

We had a great time with the quartet, NO OTHER WAY. They were with us for both morning and evening worship. Musically, wonderful!. Great songs, great blend, great message in everything they did. But what impressed me most was their interaction with our people. Working the pews prior to both services, shaking hands, getting to know our faith family and the many visitors who were present. This really helped them connect with our folks for the evening concert. We had a great worship experience with them. I’ll add my recommendation to the many others who have had the pleasure of having them in their church. They will be returning to Mildred in 2014.

Robert Townzen – Bass

Robert Townzen – Bass

Robert Townzen sings Bass for the quartet, and is instantly recognizable as the youngest member of the group; but don’t underestimate this young man . . . with a gospel singing father as a role model, Robert has been around quartets all of his life, and instinctively knows the sounds and harmonies that are associated with only the best of Southern Gospel music.  

Growing up in a Christian home, Robert trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at a very young age, and began listening and learning from the Christian influences that surrounded him.  As a child, he enjoyed attending Southern Gospel concerts with his family, where he soon acquired an appreciation for the musical styles and sounds of such groups as The Gaither Vocal Band, Gold City, The Bishops and Brian Free & Assurance.  Their music fueled a strong desire in Robert to use his voice for God’s glory.  

At age 10, he began singing tenor with his father, and his sister, Elizabeth, at local churches.   From here he began to sing at every opportunity God provided, not only singing solos, but also participating in duets, trios, and quartets, as well as church choirs and ensembles.  Neither the group nor the venue mattered to Robert: he just wanted to sing for the Lord.  As the years passed, he not only matured in age and experience, but in voice as well, as God transformed the sweet, pure tones of a tenor into the deep, smooth sounds of a bass.  

Robert started singing with the group just days after he and his beautiful wife Samantha’s wedding in September of 2012.



Richard Townzen – Baritone

Richard Townzen – Baritone

Richard Townzen; Baritone for Psalms Journey is the main emcee and spokesperson for the group.  He also manages the quartet and shares responsibility for bookings and scheduling.  

Richard started singing for the Lord in his local church at the age of 16, just weeks after receiving Christ as his personal Savior.  Following an invitation to attend a concert at the Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth, Texas, called the Battle of Songs, he discovered his love for Southern Gospel music.  Inspired by such groups as The Kingsmen, The Singing Americans, The Blackwood Brothers, J. D. Sumner and The Stamps, The Inspirations, along with everyone’s favorite, The Cathedrals Quartet, he began attending the concerts on a regular basis.  Through these concerts he began to sense the calling of God on his heart, and often made his way backstage to talk with quartet members.  Conversations with such Gospel Music legends as Jim Hamill, Mike Holcomb, Glen Payne and George Younce were instrumental in helping Richard confirm his strong desire to glorify God with his voice.   

Further seeking God’s guidance, Richard attended the Norris Bible Baptist Institute in Fort Worth and went on to serve as the Minister of Music in a church for three years.  At age 26, he started a 14 year journey travelling with The Gatemen Quartet, a journey that imparted invaluable knowledge and experience to him concerning the life changing attributes associated with the ministry, and with God’s call on his life.  

When not singing with the quartet, Richard is also actively involved in a successful solo ministry in which the Lord has blessed tremendously, transforming the hearts and lives of many, as decisions have been made to surrender to God’s will and follow after Christ in salvation or rededication.



Kris Emmert – Lead

Kris Emmert – Lead

Kris Emmert has been our Lead Singer in March of 2012.  When he starts to sing, the excitement that stems from his voice lets you know that he loves the Lord.

Kris grew up in church, and was singing with his family at a very early age. When he was 12 years old, he invited Jesus Christ into his heart. A couple of years later, he felt God’s call on his life to sing for the Lord.  It was then that he knew singing for Jesus would forever be a part of his life.  Singing, as well as playing the piano and saxophone, became a regular part of his worship throughout his high school and college years.

While attending college at Southern Nazarene University, he traveled with a group called Highest Praise and Chorale.  Both of these groups ministered across Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas at different churches and campgrounds.  He has served in various areas of music ministries, including praise teams, and occasionally filling in as music director in several churches.  Kris is also one of the founders of a quartet called the Spirit of David, where he sang first tenor.  

Kris has a great ear for picking out the harmonies that come along with Southern Gospel music, and now has the opportunity to share God’s love through the Psalms Journey Ministry.